I don’t know about you, but when I know something works for me, I want the whole world to have it.  I do this with my family as well.  A while back, I reintroduced meditation into my daily routine.  I was trying to find a way to calm my mind and focus my thoughts, and quite honestly, give myself space to visualize what I wanted to create for my life.  I loved every minute of it.  So, in true character, I started sharing this new-found love with everyone I knew, and most especially my kids.

Have you ever tried to get your kids to eat a new vegetable?  You most likely talked a lot about how good it was, and how tasty you made it and how healthy and nutritious it is for your body.  Ever had much success? Yea, me neither.  It was kind of like that for me and meditation.  No matter how much I shared about how good it made me feel, or how well I would sleep or how many benefits it offers for your body and mind – they just smiled and would return to whatever it was they were doing.

People, and especially children don’t do as we say, they do as they see.  And this was exactly what happened with my daughter.

I gave up on trying to tell my children about meditation and instead, just focused on actually doing it.  I created a space in my basement (literally, a little corner of a room), and adorned it with cozy blankets and pillows and candles and music.  And every night after dinner, I would sneak away and meditate for a few minutes.  (Meditations don’t have to be long.  Even five minutes of quiet time, deep breathing and soul searching does a body good!). One night, to my surprise, my daughter followed along.  As I lit the candles and sat down, she asked if she could join me. (Uh, yea!!!!!).  I set up a cozy spot for her to sit, and asked if she wanted to do anything in particular.  I showed her some chakra stones, explained what chakras were, gave her the option of music or no music etc..

As the music played in the background and the candle flickering in front of us, I glanced over to find her sitting so peacefully; eyes closed, holding a chakra stone in her hand and just breathing.  Her whole body looked relaxed.  After a few minutes, she opened her eyes, gave me a hug and went upstairs.
Tucking her in at bedtime that night,  I asked her how she felt.   She smiled and shared that she was happy because she was finally able to check off an item on her bucket list. (No, I did not know my daughter had a bucket list, but find it so adorably cute!).  When I asked her what it was, she said meditating. Then she asked if she could meditate with me again. (uh….yea!!!)
That night was a parenting reminder that A) our children don’t do as we say, but rather as we do.  Less Talk, more action.  And B) If you really want to inspire people to try new things, then be the example that they can follow… and allow them time to explore it when the time is right for them.