Hi there!

Thanks for wanting to learn more about my passion project.

The truth is, I am a multi-passionate person.  Which means, my passion projects are constantly evolving.  But there are a few that have been around for a while!

The first is my social network and blog called “The Fabric our Soul”.  It all started one night , 3am to be exact! I was laying in bed, and no matter how hard I tried, my mind was racing with thoughts. The more I tried to resist them, the more fast and furious they came. I knew it was a battle I was not going to win, so I decided to get up. As I sat on my couch, the most random thought screamed at me…. “You should start a blog”.

And so I did.

The Fabric of our Soul™ was created as part of my own personal growth journey. It is my hope to create a space that provides gentle reminders to help in reconnecting to our purpose and desires; an opportunity to pause and reflect on our lives, and a place to unravel the threads to find who we truly are. The original Fabric of our Soul™

This passion project evolved into creating other spaces that have allowed me to empower and inspire others.  I founded a Facebook Group called Queen Bees of Real Estate, which is a group for female real estate entrepreneurs looking to create a business around a life they love.  And I’ve created a podcast, that helps to serve my passion for learning, while sharing this knowledge with others. 

Passion Projects are things that bring us joy – and empowering others to go after their dreams, is definitely one of mine!