Brain Hacks for Productivity

Are you struggling to stay productive?

During a time where you’re wearing multiple hats, it’s hard to stay productive and focused on your business.

In this episode, Michelle Risi shares the brain science to productivity, and a few simple brain hacks to keep you productive!

– Learn more about ultradian rhythms: Just like you have sleep cycles, you also have cycles of alertness.  Try blocking 90-120 minutes of work-time, followed by intermittent breaks in between.

– How to hack the reward centre of your brain for a boost of motivation: Building in small rewards throughout your day will give you the hit of dopamine you need to stay motivated.

– The upside down to-do list: We tend to procrastinate on things that are important to our business, which means some of the big tasks may get left at the bottom of of your to-do list.  Turn your list upside down!

– And why committing to three things a day will keep your business moving: Struggling to manage your time while playing teacher, cook and business owner? Try the “Commit to 3” strategy and keep the wheels of your business turning!

Tune in now!


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