Welcome to episode 6 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.  I’m back from a wonderful trip with my daughter, and to be honest, I’m finding it hard to get my head back in the game again!

Have you ever been there? Where you’ve taken time away from your business for a holiday? Or maybe you were just knocked off your game due to stress?  Today I’m going to share 4 ways you can get your head back in the game to regain your motivation and re-ignite that spark! And, as I always do, I give you my personal insights and experience into what works for me!

Here’s a quick snapshots of the 4 steps I discuss.

Step #1: Feel-good chemicals

Did you know we have natural feel-good chemicals in our body, that drive us towards pleasure, happiness and reward.  And better than that – we can naturally increase those all on our own!

Step #2: Tidy-Up

It’s time to get all “Marie Kondo”.  It turns out the her Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up is…well… pretty magical stuff when it comes to mindset and motivation.

Step #3: Your Peer Group

You are only as good as the people you hang out with! Yes, misery loves company.  Tune in to find out what a recent study had to say about our peer group and how we have to look no further than the people we associate with to influence our mindset and how we feel.

Step #4: Your WHY

It is always helpful to tune into your WHY.  What is the bigger picture?  I share a bit about what I do to get reconnected to my why and how that usually helps to set me straight and get me back in the game!

Also, as promised, if you would like more information on creating a vision board (that’s part of step 4), you can find instructions by clicking HERE.

Here’s a few photos of the trip I talked about.  Can you see why it was so hard to come back?

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