Have you ever wondered where you fall on the spectrum of introvert, ambivert or extrovert? 

Welcome to Episode 40 – Signs that you might be an ambivert!

I had a great impromptu conversation with my friend Victoria Theriault, and as we got started I knew I had to record it!

Victoria is a Certified DISC, GIA, and TEIQue Analyst, and founder of DISCover What Works, and if there is one thing you can bank on when Victoria and I get together, its a conversation about personalities!

We are both obsessed with personality profiling, and understanding what makes people tick so it’s no surprise that today we profiled ourselves, our families, and even tried to make sense of some of the ways we are all coping with working from home.

Join our entertaining and enlightening conversation about how our personality styles influence how we think and act – and why we are even drawn to certain TV shows!. 

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