Your ability and willingness to adapt to change is the greatest predictor of your future business success.


Welcome to Part 3 of our Adaptability Series!


Adaptability is about adjusting to new conditions, but also our ability to repurpose and redefine what we do.


If you are facing challenges with working from home or with figuring out ways to re-create how you service clients, then this episode is a great place to start.


Part 1 of Adaptability and COVID-19 looks at understanding what adaptability looks like, what stands in our way and what things are important for us to consider when navigating these unchartered waters. (Listen to episode 37)


Part 2 of Adaptability and COVID-19 will look at Mindset and learning to identify whether we are operating from a Fixed Mindset or a Flexible one.  It will explore how our mindset affects our ability to adapt to change and what we can do to nurture that. (listen to episode 38)


Part 3 of Adaptability and COVID-19 will look at Creativity, which is both a necessity of adaptability but also a by-product.  In this episode, we look at what creativity really is, why it is important right now, and how to get you unstuck from where you are by nurturing your creative genius.


With newfound knowledge, skills and a change in perspective, your business can survive and thrive beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


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