Whether online or offline, the same fears exist.  How do you learn to hone your skills and truly find your social power?

Welcome to Episode 32 with special guests Nat & Ang.

Nat and Ang are entrepreneurs who have embraced their social power to collaborate and grow their businesses.

Whether it’s social media, networking or in your social life, Nat & Ang share about the importance of social power, how to find it and how to leverage it to grow your business.

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Podcast: The Social Focus

Nat Caron Photography: Instagram, Website

Nat Caron is a Canadian Commercial and Brand photographer. While raising her 3 boys with her husband Brent, she has been a solopreneur running her studio and leading a team for 18 years. She has such a passion for business and her community. And cheer leads entrepreneurs in their growth from the very beginning of their start ups. Podcast addict, dark chocolate addict, and business addict (aka recovering workaholic, with a new appreciation for boundaries 😉)

Angela S. Doyon Social & Prop Styling: Instagram, Website

Ang always felt aligned with entrepreneurship. With ten years of combined marketing, event and wedding planning experience, she realized that she could merge her marketing talents with her creative eye and create a business that helps others with their visual marketing strategy. Her Social Styling business is fuelled by passion (and at least two cups of coffee) and allows her to work creatively with a wide variety of clients. Bringing her social media marketing experience and quick wit to the Social Focus Podcast (and working with her business bestie, Nat) has been a dream come true!


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