Welcome to episode 3 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.  

Our topic today is finding your purpose and passion and it is such an extremely important topic to discuss because it plays into everything we do in our lives, and especially when we are thinking about or starting to create,  a lifestyle business.

How many times in your life have you asked yourself – “What is my purpose?  What am I meant to be doing with my life? “

It is one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves and one of the hardest to answer.  

Whether you are exploring business ideas or are already in the process of creating the business of your dreams – this podcast episode is going to shed some light on how you too can identify what your passions are.  Today we will  define what we actually mean when we ask ourselves what our purpose is, and I’m going to give you some actionable steps to take and questions to ask , to help you started on figuring it all out.

If you’ve tuned into episode #2, you will have been a part of a conversation on the steps involved in designing your business. . The very first step in creating the business of your dreams is called “Dreaming and Researching.”  And what we are going to talk about today is directly related to this step, because when we are looking at creating a lifestyle business, we are doing so because we want to live a fulfilled life.  We want to enjoy what we are doing in our business and we want this business to be a direct reflection of the lifestyle we want to live.

No one has ever handed you a rule book on how to live life.    You are given this gift called intuition and you are asked to rely on this gift as you navigate the human experience. And, all we know for certain is that we are on this earth for a limited time and while we are here, we spend our time doing two things.  Meaningful things, and then things that just pass the time.

When we talk about our purpose, we are really talking about the meaningful things.  The things we do that are important (both to ourselves and others).

The best way I know, to fully start understanding our purpose, is to rephrase the question.  Instead of asking  “What is the purpose of my life” , start asking “What should I be doing that is meaningful.?”   

What meaningful things can you do in your life?

I have come up with a series of questions that I know will be helpful for you, just as they have been helpful to me, and the agents I work with.  

  1. If you were to meet your younger self, what would they be upset to learn about you?
  2. What things would you give up sleep for?
  3. What things are you willing to do that others won’t?  
  4. What would you do if you knew your couldn’t fail?
  5. What do you want to be remembered for?

Interested in learning more? Tune into this episode and be ready to dive in to finding your passion and purpose!

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