The key to creating a successful business is in learning how to leverage the right tools.

Welcome to Episode 29 with special guest Jess Lenouvel.

A successful realtor turned real estate coach and founder of the Listings Lab, Jess teaches real estate agents how to create a scaleable 7 figure business without sacrificing freedom.

In this episode, Michelle and Jess dive into online marketing & business automation and share insights and tips into how to leverage the right tools to achieve both financial and time freedom.

Tune in now!

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About Jess!

Jess Lenouvel was an active real estate agent for 13 years and has personally built a multiple 7 figure business that sold over $300M of property in the last few years alone. Real estate was in Lenouvel’s blood long before she got into the business; her mom has been an agent for 35 years.

Her on-the-ground experience has given her the background and expertise to help agents overhaul their marketing and scale massively while leveraging the power of online marketing. Instead of relying on old-school, traditional methods used in the industry, Jess uses cutting edge methods and modern communication mediums to build relationships at scale. Now Jess focuses on helping 6 figure and low 7 figure agents double their income without sacrificing lifestyle or freedom.

Jess’ Listings Lab has helped agents across the US, Canada, and Australia to implement life-changing strategies for their business, giving them growth, predictability, and peace of mind.

About The Listings Lab!

Relevancy is your marketing message. It’s what you are saying to your leads to attract them into your world and convince them of their problem and how you can solve it. 

Omnipresence is strategic distribution of that marketing message. You use retargeting techniques to show a variety of your best content to your leads via advertising so that they see you consistently on daily basis.

Your leads will feel like you are everywhere. The power of Omnipresence is that it is all about focusing on a smaller group of highly relevant leads, rather than going broad and trying to appeal to everyone. When you do this, you see higher quality leads who convert at a higher rate into better clients. 

Intimacy is the human element of your marketing. It’s about showing up for your audience, being transparent and authentic in your content, and spending the time to build relationships with your audience. It’s about connecting with your audience on a human level and creating community around your brand. 

When these 3 elements are combined, you activate The Nuclear Effect in your business. This is what we call the chain reaction of growth that is set off in your business when you deploy the R.O.I Method by attracting the perfect client with the perfect connection.

This self-sustaining chain reaction grows the 3 Currencies of Business:

You grow a bigger, more engaged, and more powerful Audience. You get more social proof because of the size of your audience. You have a larger platform to get your message out. When you need to hire, you have access to a pool of people who already know you and your message. And, you’re able to profitably launch new products and services on demand. 

You make more sales and generate more Revenue. You are able to effortlessly close deals. You’re able to create cash flow that allows you to both grow and take profit out of the business. 

You create deeper, more meaningful Relationships. 1-on-1 Relationships are deeper than those with your audience members. And when you have a growing business and audience behind you, you get access to better, more profitable partnerships. You find yourself getting into media outlets and leveraging PR. You have a network strong enough to build a powerful Mastermind, and you get access to new, exciting opportunities.


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