Imagine you had a way to monitor your business and zero in directly on the areas that will show you where you need to focus,  in order to generate more revenue?

Welcome to Episode 27 – Easy Metrics for More Revenue.

Imagine you are a security guard and you are responsible for monitoring 50 different screens to make that the building is safe and entry points are secure and everything is running smoothly.

You know how vital your role is to the building, but with so many different screens and cameras to watch, sometimes it gets overwhelming.  And sometimes – you miss something.

Today, I’m going to show you how, as the WatchGuard of your business, you can reduce the number of screens you are monitoring so that you focus on the areas of your business which will give you the best indicators for your business success.

These indicators are known as the ACDC method and they have you monitoring how effective you are at:
A – Attracting prospects
C – Converting prospects to clients
D – Delivering on your brand promise
C – Collecting your revenue

Some of these we have touched upon in episode 25 and episode 26, and others we will continue to explore in future episodes.

If you’re ready to learn about these easy metrics to help generate more revenue in your business – tune in now! And when you are done, head on over to my Facebook Group!


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