Welcome to episode 26 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast! 

Today’s episode focuses on how to protect and serve your brand promise.  But before we can do that, we need to lay the framework!

In episode 25, I introduced the book  “Clockwork“- a guide that is designed to help entrepreneurs (like you!) understand and implement systems to help you create a business that ….. you guessed it.… runs like it Clockwork!

In episode 25 we looked at the Clockwork framework and discussed Efficiency vs Productivity.  You had an opportunity to explore and assess where you are spending your time and where you should be re-allocating time to create the efficiencies you need in your business.

Today’s episode is focused on the second concept in the Clockwork model, and that is your brand promise.

Your brand promise is what your clients expect from you!  But in order to protect and serve this, you must first identity what things you do that help to feed directly into your brand promise.  In the book, we call this the Queen Bee Role, and today we focus on this!

If you are ready to identify that one thing that you must do in order for you business to survive, tune in now!

Clockwork Website

If you are interested in more information about Clockwork and how to truly design your business systematically, visit the website.

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If you would like to work alongside fellow entrepreneurs in identifying and sharing your Queen Bee role, head on over to my exclusive Facebook Group!

Queen Bee Role Exercise

Also as promised, here are the written instructions to the Queen Bee exercise we discussed today.

1.List the top 10 roles and tasks that you spend time on in your business.

Using sticky notes, write down one task per note.  Once you are done, lay them out on the floor or post them to a wall so that you have a good visual.

2. Process of Elimination

Review your list and select three of those tasks that you will remove from your responsibility.  If you could never do 3 of the tasks on your list, which ones would you choose? Take the sticky notes and place them to the side.

3. Repeat this process two more times, until you are left with one sticky note. 

You may find this challenging to do, especially as you near the final cycle.  In order to assist, try thinking about the process as a way for you to get down to the one task, that you would never want to stop doing, either because you love it, or because you know it is that critical to your business.

What you will end up with is your Queen Bee Role.  The thing that you must always be doing, protecting and serving.  Your Queen Bee Role should be something you enjoy doing, that is critical to your business and is a natural fit to your skills and strengths.

Good Luck!


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