Welcome to Season 2 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!

Its Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020! And with this new year and new decade – it’s an opportunity for a new start!

This year, my theme is all about 20/20 Vision.  Cliche, I know! But trust me when I say, that Clarity is exactly what you need to access what you want.


If you are tired of bumping up against limiting beliefs, and things holding you back (… you will be surprised to find out that there’s only one thing that is truly holding you back!) then you will want to tune-in to this podcast episode.

Today I share the one tool that you have access to right now, that will help you gain that 20/20 vision you need to finally overcome the challenges you face, and go after what you truly want!

Who is Byron Katie?

Byron Katie is an author, speaker, spiritual guru and founder of “The Work“. The Work is a meditation; a practice. It is a method of inquiry born directly out of Byron Katie’s experience, and it allows you to access the wisdom that has always existed within you. The best part is, it is simple.  Four questions.  The four questions you ask yourself for every stressful thought you have, literally has the power to eliminate he noise and get you to the truth of “what is”.

I have personally practicing Inquiry for a few years now, and with the welcome of 2020, I am committed to diving in deeper.  Why? Because inquiry helps to find the answers I am looking for.  It helps me to eliminate stressful thoughts, re-train my brain to see truth and it gives me access to the clarity I need to truly get what I want from my life.

I invite you to learn more about Byron Katie visiting her website www.thework.com .

Additional Resources

In this podcast episode, I reference Byron Katies first book “Loving What is“.  It is a great introduction to her philosphy and practice and gives you the action steps you need to start doing inquiry yourself.  But fear not – if you find that you work better with someone, Katie provides a roster of certified facilitators to help you along.

To be clear, I do not get anything from introducing you to The Work.  Nada!  I simply want to share with you the tools that help you create happiness and success.  That’s it!

Don’t wait to tune-in. Everything you want is within reach!


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