“The level of your health determines the level of success in your life and business.”

Welcome to episode 21 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!

Today’s guest is a Sachin Patel – a father, husband, international speaker, author, entrepreneur, Functional Medicine practitioner and philanthropist. As founder of The Living Proof Institute, he holds a core belief and vision that “the doctor of the future is the patient”.  Today we talk all about what it truly means to be WELLthy.

Sachin shares with us his guiding principles for business success and how each and every one of us has the power to avoid and correct the affects that stress and lifestyle have on our bodies and on our health.

Using the analogy of a tree – Sachin shares a strong message of how important the level of our health is to our success.  If you are someone who is striving to create success in all areas of your life – you don’t want to miss this episode!

Reference Points:

Sachin talked about a few tools that he uses in his life and within his practice.  Click associated links for more information on Heart Math, and Oura Rings.

Here’s a few ways you can connect with Sachin

Visit him and his team and learn more about Functional Medicine at the  Living Proof Institute

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