Do you have the courage to pursue your passion? Today’s guest did! Tune in to find out exactly what that journey looked like for her!

Welcome to episode 16 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!

Our special guest is Suzie Durigon, Founder/Curator of JustCrumbs.  Suzie is a chef, kitchen coach, blogger, author and creator of the #BakeItForwardProject.

Today we talk all about the meaning of food, finding your passion and having the courage to pursue it.  Suzie shares her personal journey into entrepreneurship, the importance of social media and how aligning with her passion for food and helping others has influenced her success.

She even shares a few tips on how to get more comfortable in the kitchen, and how to create delicious meals without the hours of prep! A definite time saver for busy entrepreneurs!!

Besides the fact that she is super talented with cooking and baking, she is also extremely funny! Connect with JustCrumbs and check some great recipes and cooking tips :


Instagram: www.instagram/com/justcrumbs


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