Are you thinking of starting a team? Currently managing people and experiencing challenges? 

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast! 

Today’s guest is Victoria Theriault, Founder of DISCover What Works.  As a certified DISC, Tique and GIA Analyst, as well a certified Team Facilitator, Victoria specializes in building leaders and teams through job profiling, communication and the application of DISC analysis. 

Victoria’s experience in real estate sales, team environments, management roles and now as a solopreneur working in a business she has created from passion and purpose – Victoria shares with us her valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, as well as the key indicators she believes to be at the core of every successful team.

Victoria and I talk about DISC profiling, and how through the application of DISC analysis, you can not only identify who you are as a leader, but who your ideal candidates would be for your growing team.

If you’ve started thinking about wanting a team, are in the midst of growing one, or managing an existing team with some challenges and difficulties, then you will want to tune in to this episode!

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