Hey There! I’m Michelle Risi and this is episode #1 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.  

If you are an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur or just interested in ways that you too can create a business and life you love – than this podcast is for you!

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast will be filled with insights and tips that will help you focus on discovering your passions, your dreams and ultimately, helping you to create a business you love around the lifestyle you crave.  

Most of the work I do, is with Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, who are striving to create a business that is not just solely profit driven, but a reflection of the lifestyle they want to lead.

There are certain things in each of our lives that are important to us. And we may differ in some, and be similar in others.   When you are creating a Lifestyle business, you are making conscious decisions about how you want everything to run.  When I’m designing my schedule or my perfect work-week, I am making a conscious choice to not schedule things during times that I know my family is going to need me or during the times that I know I really want to be there.   For some of you, it may be to hold weekends sacred or dinner times sacred. For others, it may be to have flexibility to travel or to work remotely.

Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur does not have to mean that you are working a laptop lifestyle from a beach in Bali (although when the cold Canadian winters hit, I too sometimes long for that!).  Being a Lifestyle entrepreneur is really about identifying what is important to us and then consciously creating a business around that.

Everything I am going to share with you through this podcast, is a result of what I have learned along the way, or what has helped others around us to realize their lifestyle dreams.   It’s not only going to be business either. We are going to talk about mindset and communication, work-life harmony, marketing and branding, health and wellness….. You name it – if it affects our lives, it’s on the table.  

So let me tell you a bit about me.

I started in the real estate industry when I was 13 years old.  That’s a loooong time! But because of that, I had the opportunity to work pretty much every aspect of the real estate business.  From reception, to administration, to HR, to management, to founder of a Real Estate Academy, to broker/owner and now today, as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Expert.  I’ve seen the ins and outs of the challenges entrepreneurs face, and I have also experienced and witnessed the triumphs that are waiting for each and every one of you!

Of course, being someone who always had a million things going on, I have also  experienced other industries as well. I worked in retail and hospitality. I studied Early Childhood Education, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology.  On top of all that, I am constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge in a multitude of areas. Whether it’s in coaching, holistic health, communication…. I’m there!  I am a Life-long-learner. You could probably say I’m a professional student! For the most part, if you followed me on my social media from the early days, you would have only ever seen 1 thing posted and that was this quote from Einstein….  “I have no special talents – I am only passionately curious”? 

Being multi-passionate has had its challenges, but it has also helped in my entrepreneurial journey. It has ensured I am constantly learning new things – which is my advice for you.  Stay curious, stay open to learning new things and ask a lot of questions! That is how you will get to know your business, your industry and yourself. 

So, are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of lifestyle entrepreneurship! I am super excited to bring my love for educating, to this platform.  And here’s one thing you can count on or sure. There will not be fluff! You know those podcasts where they just randomly talk about nothing and before you know it, 20 minutes has passed and you have nothing to show for it? Yea – that’s not me.  I am always about bringing value and actionable things. Anyone who knows me or who has taken my courses or heard me speak, knows I am not the fluff person! So, get ready to learn, to ask yourself question and hopefully to start getting excited about the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for you!

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