Confessions of a working mom

by Oct 21, 20130 comments

My day started with me being forced out of my bed at 4am by my daughter who happily nuzzled her way in, landing a cozy spot on my head. Off to her room I went to try and catch the last few hours of sleep, only to toss and turn with my mind racing from all the things I need to do this week. Grumpily getting up at 630am to get the kids dressed, breakfast made, bags packed and out the door (without any meltdowns) for 730am.
Once everyone is gone, I check my twitter and facebook feeds while cleaning up the kitchen, and if I’m feeling really good…perhaps even planning dinner, all before getting myself ready to get to the office for 9am. A typical morning by all accounts.

While quickly perusing my phone for interesting quotes, posts or photos to get me motivated to get on with my day, I came across an article talking about working moms. It basically accounted for the “superwoman” complex I happily carry with me like a badge of honor and how sometimes, despite our best efforts, we screw up. I laughed at the honesty and clarity of the article and felt reassured once again, that I am not alone.

Growing up with a supermom (literally and figuratively), I knew I had to strive to be nothing less. Balancing work, kids, marriage and me-time. Sometimes I am on my game. Finding time to play with the kids, preparing delicious dinners that everyone eats, sneaking in time for my workouts and yoga practice, date nights with my husband, and over all feelings of accomplishment after a busy day at the office teaching, mentoring and attending business events. But sometimes I am not. I lose my s*#%, I forget appointments, leave things to the last minute (more often than not), send my kids to school without jackets, neglect myself and my marriage…the list goes on.

So what do I make of this? That it’s life. Everyone is struggling with something and everyone is striving to achieve some sort of balance. We do what we can, with what we have. Some days are great, and others not so much. But it is a joy and privilege to be able to have such problems. Every day I have to remind myself that I am not alone in this “working mom” role, and that if I can find at least one thing to feel grateful for, then I have succeeded.

Balance is a great thing to strive for but I no longer beat myself up when I fail. Being a working mom is tough enough without the added pressure and guilt that I put upon myself. After all, the only thing that I really need to do to be a great mom, wife and business woman, is to just show up! It’s me they want and need. The rest will unfold as it should.

9:09am….I’m late for work.