Attitude of Gratitude

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You’ve seen it posted on social media about a thousand times. Heard it from the mouths of spiritual gurus alike. Heck, you might have even spoken it yourself. Statements such as:

“I should be grateful for my job. Some people don’t have one.”

“I should be grateful for the car I drive. Some people can’t even afford one.”


“I should be happy he/she is with me. There are worse people out there…”

Since when did gratitude mean settling for less?

Gratitude, by definition, is acknowledgement of having received something good; thankful.

Wanting more doesn’t mean you are ungrateful. It means owning up to the fact that you control your life and you have the power to manifest what you want.

Don’t live small. Embrace your God-given power of living a life that you’re passionate about.

Mantra: “I am grateful for all that I have and all that I have yet to manifest”