Hi I’m Michelle!

I’m a second generation Real Estate Entrepreneur with a passion for empowering others to create a purpose-driven business that will not only support their lifestyle dreams, but will serve as a place where they find true harmony between life and work. 

Entrepreneurship is not solely about achieving financial success.  It’s about leveraging that success to find your passions and create a life you love.   

I am passionate about sharing what has worked for me and hundreds of other entrepreneurs, and absolutely love utilizing my creative side to make this happen. 

As host of “The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast”, Contributing Writer at Forbes, and Founder of the Empowered Queen Bees of Real Estate – my goal to provide supportive networks to help you implement the systems, structure and mindset you need to create the vision you have for your Real Estate Business. 

Have a look around my site and when you’re done, connect with me on my social accounts! I can’t wait to hear from you!

A few of my favourite things