Hi I’m Michelle!

I’m a Real Estate Broker and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Expert. 

With over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship and real estate brokerage management, I enjoy helping people like yourself to create a business that is not only client-centric and systematic, but fulfilling and rewarding as well!

Entrepreneurship is not just about achieving financial success.  It’s about leveraging that success to find your passions and create a life you love.   

My core beliefs and success rest on two guiding principles. Knowledge is Power  which means the more open you are to learning and growing,  the better able you are at adapting to the ever changing landscape of business.  And, Your Business is only as good as you, which means that personal development and self-awareness are the key to ensuring you are taking care of your business’ biggest asset – you! 

I am passionate about sharing what has worked for me and hundreds of other entrepreneurs, and absolutely love utilizing my creative side to make this happen.  Whether it’s hosting “The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast” or writing articles for various platforms and publications, I am inspired to help others along in their journey. 

Have a look around my site and when you’re done, connect with me on my social accounts! I can’t wait to hear from you!

A few of my favourite things