7 Lessons Most People Learn When It’s Too Late

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I was recently asked what advice I would give to someone just starting up their business, and a million things came to my mind.  I hesitated to share it because it’s nothing anyone else hasn’t already said. There is no shortage of information and advice on how to start a business, but there’s very little information and advice on ways entrepreneurs can fully enjoy and grow from their journey. 

After careful thought, I compiled a list of 7 Lessons that I think most people learn when it’s too late.

Lesson 1 – Life is Short

Having had the privilege of working with Realtors for over 20 years, I have seen Realtors of all ages and stages start and end their businesses.  But, the defining moments for me, are when I work with realtors who continue their passions in business well past retirement age and some, to their last breath.  It is sad and humbling and a reminder that Life is Short.   

Life is too short to stay in a job you hate or to be around people who don’t bring out the best in you, or to constantly feel like you are giving more than you are getting.  If there is something that you are unhappy about, or something you want to change in your life and in your business – then do it! I’m not suggesting you have to leave jobs or relationships or make drastic changes.  I’m suggesting you take a small step to look deeper at what is causing the unhappiness.  Take a small step to start exploring what brings you joy.

There is not one single thing in this life that can fulfill all of your needs and desires, and that includes your work and your relationships.  We are put on this earth to find what brings us joy.  If you are not feeling fulfilled by your work (but still love what you do), then find a hobby.  Join a networking group… but don’t place all the weight of your future happiness in just one thing.  Happiness is an inside job.  If you don’t like the way you feel, find ways of changing it.

Lesson 2 – People Matter

With the push in society to go online (which I admit makes our jobs and lives easier), it also reduces the amount of real human connection and interaction we have.  People matter! Your social networks matter!  Your business depends on people – regardless of whether you are online or offline. You need people to know about you, to know about your business and to feel moved to use you. Which is why, creating a social network is key.  Studies have shown that one thing that successful people have in common, is that they have a diverse social network.  The more time you put into nurturing relationships and creating new connections – the better off your business will be. Start looking for networking events to attend and start looking up from your phones and make eye contact with people!  If that seems uncomfortable for you – then all the more reason to practice. Networking might not come easy, but it is worth the time you invest in it.

Lesson 3 – Hustle and Grind Are Overrated

Yep – you heard me!  Stop glorifying the hustle and grind – especially if it is affecting your health and wellbeing.  Burnout and stress are REAL and they are epidemics in our society. You are creating a business that revolves solely around YOU which means your health is the biggest investment you can make.  If you are not well, what happens to your business? If you are stressed or burnt out – how good do you think you are going to be to people?

Hustle and Grind are not something to strive for.  But happiness and health are. No money in the world can buy you your health or save you from disease.  Start looking at al the things you are doing that are setting you up for problems. Do you eat junk food on the run? Do you take time to exercise? Do you sleep well? Do you have a healthy mindset and outlook on life?  All of these factors are controllable by one person –  YOU! Don’t sacrifice health and wellness for hustle and grind. You are your biggest asset!

Lesson 4 – Time is Not Renewable

We all have things that hold us back from going after our dreams.  Maybe it’s a fear of failure or of not being accepted. Maybe you are experiencing imposter syndrome or you have convinced yourself that it is more honourable to stay in a job you hate just because of the opinion of others.  

Time is ticking and you are not getting any younger. You can have a business AND life you love. They are not mutually exclusive.  It all starts with you and what you make a priority. Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring your dreams.  

If you have ever thought to yourself that you “should” do this or your “should” do that, but you have never allowed yourself the time and space to explore what that actually looks like – then it’s time for that to change!  tStop holding yourself prisoner to an idea and start allowing yourself time to explore.  One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is “if you never try it on, how will you know it fits?”, and it’s so true!  Unless you explore it and try it out, how will you ever know that what you think you want, is actually what you really want. 

Time is not renewable , so start taking action on your dreams. 

Lesson 5 – Never Stop Learning

Industries are rapidly changes and the world we live in is so drastically different than it was 10 years ago.  It is important to place a focus on learning, both in your business and in your life.  The role you currently play in your business is not going to be the same role 5 years from now because things will continue to evolve, which means, your skills will need to as well.  Your success depends on your ability to be adaptable and learning new things is one of the ways you can nurture your ability to adapt to change. 

Lesson 6 – Perfection is a Prison

If you are someone who always waits until you feel like something is perfect before doing it – then listen up!

There are two types of people in this world. People that make things happen and people that don’t! Which one do you want to be?  When you wait for things to be perfect, you hold yourself back from doing what you need and want to do.  There are far too many people that wait to act on their dreams because they need….. (you fill in the blanks).  What things are you waiting on before you begin yours?  The time is now.  We already know that time is not renewable and we already know that life is short… so what are you waiting for.  Don’t allow your quest for perfection to keep you a prisoner from what you really want.

Lesson 7 – There is no such thing as failure.  Only lessons to learn

For the longest time, the fear of failure kept me hiding and small.  That changed the moment I recognized the limiting beliefs and mindset I was operating with.  I came to understand that in order for me to become free from the fear of failure, I had to shift to a growth mindset. 

There are two mindsets that we tend to operate from.  Growth and Fixed.  A Fixed mindset means you are looking at life and your abilities, as something that can’t be changed.  When you operate from a fixed mindset  you allow your limiting beliefs to control you.  A Growth mindset means you look for opportunities to grow, which will help you start embracing that there is no such thing as failure – only lessons to learn.    

If you’ve ben operating from a fixed mindset and allowing your limiting beliefs to interfere with your ability to succeed, then it’s time to change that.  The first step to doing that, is to understand that failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey and is necessary for you to expand your skills and grow.   

Don’t fear failure.  Fear not growing. 

If you could give someone just starting out in business some advice, what would it be?  We all have our own unique insights to share based on the experiences we have had. What are yours?